Creating An Effective Page Title for Your Events

March 29, 2012

Helping Us to Help You Promote Your Events With Effective Page Titles

We see our job as getting eyeballs to your content. To do this, we try and create attractive  pages that are locationaly relevant for the terms that people might search for. These tend to have a useful page title!

Our ultimate aim is to be seen as a go to resource for people looking for events or to promote an event. To do this, we work hard to improve our visibility in places like Facebook, Twitter and search engines.

Onsite, we can control that approach to a degree and do our best to ensure that eventually, people will find our pages for things like ‘event in location‘ , ‘Location Events’ and other related phrases useful to people looking for things to do or promoting things to do.

That’s up to us, but what we can’t do is tell users what event promoters events are all about. We believe that it is they who are best positioned to do this, hence this little piece that hopefully helps the reader of this piece both appreciate and understand why that is.

We’ve created a more general page here that details some of the other things that people need to be aware of when creating their events, but this piece adds some additional context for the purposes of effective event titles.

It’s all in the name

Many people fail to appreciate how important it is to give some thought and consideration to their event titling. They think that a simple Sports Event, or Carboot Event type titling approach to their titles will work.

Sure, at their essence there might well be very little wrong in terms of description, but an approach like that misses some huge and easy opportunities.

Keep your event titles to a reasonable length – 150 characters is more than enough to convey your message. Use any more and you’re title is likely to be less effective ( see below) .  It’s important therefore, to be selective in the words you employ.

It’s of utmost importance to use words in your event title that people are likely to  search for - We said that in bold as it just couldn’t be more important.

Lets have a look at two simple examples.

‘Children’s Fun Day Fund Raiser Event in Aid of Cystic Fibrosis’ is a whole lot better than simply ‘Charity Event’ .


‘Half Price Super Shopping Extravaganza in London Big Savings and Family Fun’ will again be a whole lot more useful and compelling than an event name that just says  ’Shopping Event London’.

In addition to the obvious points of both being far more attractive and of interest. This approach also has a number of additional benefits outside of the page content itself.

Giving The Searcher What They Want – Give Them a Reason To Click

Search engines use page titles as an important determinant of the relevancy and content of a html page.

When a page is returned within their search results, users will often use what they see to determine the suitability to their queries. Through careful consideration of what it is you say, you are far more likely to get that all important click of interest.

A person searching for ‘charity events in aid of cystic fibrosis’ would be very unlikely to find your page returned if you just used ‘Charity Event’ as your title. Through providing the specifics you effectively increase the likelihood of your event being returned as a possible option.

The image below shows an example of this in action. Note the absence of pages that say simple ‘Charity Event’ and observe how many of the results use the specific words in the various listings related to the phrase ‘charity events in aid of cystic fibrosis’.

The simple takeaway here is that through using words that explain what your event is all about, you are far more likely to be returned.

Microformats Have Arrived How We Use Them To Help You

In addition  to the above we also use microformats to output our locational content. Microformats are formatting techniques that machines can use to determine additional meaning and context.

In the context of this discussion, search engines sometimes use these to add additional information for more generalised searches.

If we take this search as an example  ’Events in Hitchin‘ (link to our page) we will see our particular result returned, with direct links to the event names for that locality embedded into the search snippet which we’ve highlighted in red.


Whilst the event titles in this example are cut short, the specifics are a whole lot clearer than one that was perhaps more basic.  Users get to see  both the title and the date on which the event finishes, increasing confidence in the page and thus increasing the chance of that all important click.

This of course presents a great opportunity and highlights the importance of using words that are more likely to engage users. An event title that did none of this would be very bland in comparison and would be very unlikely to encourage interest.

We also use your event title extensively throughout the site to attract casual browsers. Through creating engaging, on topic relevant titles, you help increase the likelihood of attracting a viewer. We hope this has helped!



Six Make it or Break it Rules for Billboard Advertising

November 26, 2012

Billboard advertising is fun and effective – as long as you follow these six essential rules.

Say It in Six Words or Less

When it comes to billboard advertising, six words is the industry standard. Messages on billboards need to be as concise as possible, and anything longer than six words may start to be too much for drivers to take in as they quickly pass by. It can be very tough to come up with a clever, effective message that short, but it’s necessary for the success of your billboard campaign. The fewer words, the better, so shoot for less than six.

Concentrate on Branding

A billboard is most effective as a branding tool, and it’s much less effective when used as a tool to encourage direct response. Do not worry about adding your business’s phone number and web address to the billboard, because it won’t get much of a response. A billboard is an opportunity to show and build your brand. Unless the phone number or web address is the actual tagline of the billboard, it’s better to leave it off to avoid cluttering up the sign.

Don’t Be Too Distracting

Your billboard should catch the eye of passing drivers; it shouldn’t be so boring that it gets overlooked or isn’t noticed. It also, however, should not be so attention-grabbing that drivers become distracted. If it’s incredibly loud, shocking, demands a lot of attention, or tends to promote gawking, it might be too much as a billboard, and you should tone it down a bit.

Don’t Be Too Confusing

When people drive by billboards, they only have a few seconds to check it out and take in the message. This is why it’s so important to have a message that’s short but also very clear. It’s not a good idea to get so clever that people need to figure the message out. It should be obvious. An unclear, subtle message isn’t going to have effect you’re looking to achieve. The message on your billboard should be simple enough that everyone can get it with just one glance.

The More Billboards, the Better

In a high-traffic area, one billboard can reach thousands and thousands of people. If you can reach that many people with one billboard, consider how many you can reach with two, three, or more billboards. If you really want to build your brand, you should have several billboards to deliver your message. A widespread billboard campaign will make an impression. People who see several of your billboards are going to feel the impact of the message even more strongly.

Show Something Cool

Billboards that are done in 3D, have odd shapes, or use animation are always more memorable than traditional, flat billboards. A billboard is a visual medium, so get creative, and do something that will really stand out and look cool. And remember, doing something 3D isn’t in itself too distracting; it’s perfect. Just be sure to remember that as a whole your billboard should be clear.

M.P. Brown is a sign light maintenance specialist and billboard designer. He works for Icon ID.

How to Promote Your Physical Products

September 23, 2012

If you’re a webmaster or blogger who currently makes most of your profit from Google AdSense and affiliate schemes, then hopefully you will have begun to see the merits of selling a product and particularly a physical product which will mean you become the sole beneficiary of your own hard work and that you maximize the potential profit you can make from each customer. Having a product on your site which you can sell means you keep the visitors on your page rather than sending them away, you strengthen your brand, and you don’t share your profits. At the same time you’ll find that actual physical products still sell much more effectively than digital products and according to statistics they sell roughly three times as many.

And once you have your physical products you then open up some new marketing methods. Why? Because you will now earn enough per visitors that you can afford to use some more expensive methods of promotion. That and you’ll have something that you can display physically and that will be interesting enough to draw visitors in its own right. Here’s how to promote physical items on the web.

Use Existing Channels: There are many different channels you can use to get word out about your product. For instance you can promote your products on eBay which will be a great way to connect with people who are searching for something like the item you offer. Likewise you can also sell your item on Fiverr (especially if there’s an element of customization) or you can generate a buzz for it before you’ve even released it using Kickstarter.

Use a Mailing List: When people visit your site, what’s the one thing you want them to do before anything else? The answer is easy – you want them to sign up to your mailing list so that you can start marketing things to them directly and addressing them right in their own inbox. This is also a great way to invite people to get in touch with their feedback and suggestions which can help you to tailor make products for your audience.

Set Up an Affiliate Scheme: If you’ve ever been an affiliate then you will have been giving away your visitors for just a small cut of the final profit. Well now that you have your own products you can flip this upside down and start using other people to bring in the visitors on your behalf. Just set up a system that allows you to keep track of where your sales come from and you can get hundreds of webmasters and bloggers build up a huge amount of hype and excitement for your product without having to lift a finger yourself.

Use AdSense: Likewise you can also experience what it’s like to be on the other side of the AdSense equation. You pay just a few cents for clicks, and then you can convert these clicks into potential sales which can earn you potentially huge profits. Learn how to write your advertising in such a way that you only attract people who are likely to part with their cash and you won’t face too much wasted marketing, and consider using some of the other pay per click advertising networks too – even Facebook for instance.

Oswald Richards is a remarkable writer and owns a blog. He recommends some great tips on contract manufacturing through his blog.

Shape the World Conference: What is Asia’s Brand of Leadership?

September 19, 2012
  • Date: 22nd October 2012
  • Time: 0830 am to 1700 pm
  • Venue: The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore (5-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT Station)
  • Organiser: Consulus Pte Ltd
  • Website:

Asia is home to the world’s fastest growing economies, yet Asian thinking does not shape our markets.

Will the world be better with the rise of Asia? How can our organisations emerge as leaders in this changing business landscape? What will it take to seize the mantle of leadership and shape the world socially, politically and economically?

During the conference, participants will learn what it takes to lead their companies to become competitive in the global business landscape.

•        Using design innovation to increase profit margin and business performance

•        Leveraging on corporate culture to improve staff productivity

•        Developing strategic frameworks to nurture leaders within your organisation

Who will attend?

•        CEO/Chairmen/Directors

•        Managing Directors/General Managers

•        Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

•        CMOs, VPs, GMs, Directors and Heads of Marketing and Human Resources/Talent Management


To register or learn more about the programme, please visit the event site here.

To download the conference brochure, click here. 


About Shape the World Conference

Initiated by Consulus, Shape The World Conferences have gathered more than 3,000 delegates from around the region since 2005. The conference was launched in Singapore and has since been introduced to fast-growing economies such as Vietnam and the Philippines. While there were numerous branding forums about strategy and tactics, there was none about the role of Asian brands in shaping a new Asia and how a new mindset needs to emerge to truly lead. Previously endorsed by organisations like SCCCI and DesignSingapore Council, Shape The World Conferences act as a platform for promising Asian leaders to re-imagine their business models and find relevant partners in order to achieve a sustained competitive advantage.

7 Easy Steps To Market Your Own Book And End Up With Money In The Bank

September 17, 2012

Just because you can write a book these days doesn’t mean you can become rich. Being able to write well doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. I’m sure you know by now it’s not always the well written books that become a huge success. It’s usually the ones with huge budgets or an already large audience. Writing the book is only the beginning. Do you have any idea what you will do?

With a company like Book Surge you can get your book printed and once that’s done you can start selling it on Amazon. They will actually wait until you get orders before they print off each book and send them to the customers. That saves you a lot of time and will bring in some sales, but not nearly enough to get rich. For that you will need to dabble in alternative marketing methods. Let’s go over some steps that will give you every chance of succeeding.

Start a blog

You have your book printed, well done. Now you need to start a blog. It’s going to be your main marketing tool. If you don’t have the power of a publishing company behind you it’s vital. Depending on what subject your book was about will depend on the type of blog you start. Your main goal will be to write great articles and publish them for people to read. For that you will need to get visitors.

SEO for dummies

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When someone types a phrase into Google you want them to find your website. You’re basically trying to push your way up the search engine rakings until you’re on the first page. The methods in which you can do that are out of the scope of this article, but if you do a quick Google search you can easily teach yourself. If you don’t want to, you can hire a company to do it on your behalf.

Build an email list

Once you have people coming to your blog you need to get them onto an email list. Maybe you can offer a couple of free chapters of your book to entice them. When they are signed up you will be able to keep in contact with them and build a good relationship. That way when you offer them your book they will be much more likely to buy. Remember that people buy from people. Relationships are important.

Offer them your product

Now it’s time to offer them your product. By now you should have built up a relationship with them. They should be able to trust what you say. You just have to offer them your book in a way that’s not sleazy. Instead of giving them a link to your payment processor you should send them to a sales page.

The perfect sales page

On a sales page it’s your chance to sell them the book. That means a lot more than just telling them to buy it. You need to carefully write it so they understand the huge bunch of benefits they will get if they read your book. You can either Google this and find out how to write an effective sales page, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Now you just need a way for them to buy it.

A payment processor

You can use a service like eJunkie that costs $5 per month. When someone clicks your ‘buy now’ button on the sales page they will be taken to eJunkie. Now everything is out of your hands. eJunkie will deal with the payment and send the customer a link to download the book. They will then send you the money and you now have your very own business. Time to sit back and relax.

Ronald Hodge is a graphic designer who enjoys experimenting with various techniques in both print and web. He recommends creating photo mugs online for a wide range of styles and designs.

How Conferences Can Benefit Your Business

September 10, 2012

Conferences are meetings or talks where like-minded people confer about a topic of interest. They can be extremely beneficial for your business in different ways including training of employees, launching a service or product or where you are the holder of the conference training others.

Types of Conferences

There are many different types of conferences each benefitting different businesses in different ways:

Academic conference; a formal conference delivering scientific findings or workshops. This can be beneficial for pharmaceutical companies or other science related companies.

Business conference; an organised discussion of business related topics this type of conference tends to include members of the same company where discussions about the future of the company or new products may take place.

News conference; an announcement to media professionals from print, radio or television about a public interest matter. News conferences many be delivered by police in concern of high profile cases or by celebrities or football clubs.

Peace conference; a diplomatic meeting to resolve conflict. Peace conferences are common between country leaders to resolve diplomatic disputes.

Trade conference; an organised business conference but with a wider participation of people usually to demonstrate new products and services. Trade conferences can be held by manufacturers to suppliers.

The Benefits of Conferences

There are many different ways in which conferences can benefit businesses. Different companies and organisations can benefit from different types of conferences.


Conferences are a great way to meet like-minded professionals and develop contacts. Often in the case of business it is said that ‘it is who you know, not what you know’ therefore meeting new people from a similar company can be very valuable for you.


Conferences will allow you to promote your brand and present yourself as a business professional as the face of the brand. If you create a good impression your brand is likely to remain in people’s minds which can therefore benefit you in the future whether you create a partnership or sell a service or product.


Conferences will allow you and your employees to learn and gain a better knowledge of your business and / or service that you are interested in developing. You will also learn about what other companies are offering and will gain a better understanding of the developments of the industry in which you are in.

Organising a Conference

The organisation of a conference shouldn’t be taken lightly; they take a lot of thought and organisation especially if you are delivering a product launch or a talk about an educational topic. You need to know what you’re going to say for the whole duration, whether this is a day or whole week and your audience needs to remain interested and engaged for the whole duration.

In the organisation process it is also important to have a stand designed professionally of which will need to be transported to the location for this you will need to seek a conference logistics service who will take your stand and conference freight from A to B set it up and then pack it away and take it from B to A once the conference is over.

Dominic works on behalf of 24/7 exhibitions – a specialist exhibition freight company. For more information about the services they offer visit:

Event Security: An Organisers Guide

August 24, 2012

Security is always of paramount importance when running any type of public event and means ensuring the care and safety of everyone attending. Every type of event and organised activity will inevitably have its own unique security requirements, although most can be categorised into indoor and outdoor situations.

Outdoor events

Open air events vary from garden parties to festivals and festivals vary from music to flower shows and everything in between. However each event has one thing in common and that common thread is people. For security reasons you need to know how many people are at the event, that the people there are supposed to be there and that they are safe in the venue space. To be sure of this information you need clear and unbreachable boundaries that are patrolled and entrances and exits that are large enough to cope with the volume of traffic through them. Keep things in order with clear areas for bag checks and enough staff to ensure checks are thorough and quick moving. You may also need to accommodate access to large vehicles in case of emergencies with safe and secure access points to official first aid and storage rooms.

Indoor events

An indoor event will always be limited in its number of attendees due to regulations such as fire safety laws. Such laws require excellent staffing and monitoring to ensure the correct numbers are adhered to and to ensure those that attend behave appropriately. With an indoor event you can usually achieve this with less staffing than an outdoor event as you can put in place permanent security equipment to help ease the burden on staff. Using fixtures such as shutters, grills and gates to good effect means that two or three people can manage an entrance rather than the larger numbers required for an outdoor event. Bar shutters are a good option if drinks are being served as this means that staff can secure the bar area in the event of an occurrence. It also means staff are less busy monitoring the till or stock.

In case an emergency does occur it is important to put in place security measures to manage situations. Let all staff know these measures and be certain that they understand how to deal with people in the event of problems. Having the correct measures in place safeguards you from potential litigations, gives staff confidence that they are supported in their work and gives the customer faith that you are keeping them safe. Aid these measures with effective practical security and you’ll feel confident that your event will run smoothly and without any unpredictable occurrences.

About the author:

Sophie works alongside and has spent the summer at festivals and indoor music events, therefore has seen the difference in security measures across a range of different venues.